Where to eat in Berlin

Berlin has been a vibrant melting pot of cultures since the Cold War. It has a wonderfully eclectic mixture of cuisines on offer and is especially well-renowned for its selection of Vietnamese food. You will never be short of somewhere new and interesting. Here are my favourite places to eat in Berlin.

Breakfast - Berliner Pfannkuchen Cafe

Address: Sophienstraße 30 - 31, 10178 Berlin
Great for: a taste of  traditional Berlin
Price: $This cute, unassuming bakery offers a no frills experience with delicious pastries and coffee at a low price.  Top of the bill is it's namesake, the Berliner Pfannkuchen which is a traditional Berlin pasty, similar to a doughnut. It is made from a fried sweet dough, with a fruity jam filling. At BF cafe, there are many fillings are on offer. Apricot jam is the traditional choice and tastes great washed down with a cup of Tumeric latte.

This is a great place to pop in for a quick breakfast, or to rest with a hot coffee after an afternoon of wandering round Berlin. I would also like to mention that the floor here is very Instagrammable, because who doesn't appreciate a good floor tile?

I ordered the: Apricot Berliner Pfannkuchen,  Iced Spritzkuchen, Tumeric Latte.

Lunch - House of Small Wonder

Address: Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin
Great for: whimsical charm
Price: $$

This bustling, whimsical haven is always busy, so make sure you arrive early for lunch as you can't book. Add your name to the list in reception, then head to the dark, cosy bar for a pre-lunch Mimosa as you wait for a table.

As you ascend the spiral staircase, you will be greeted with a bustling oasis of greenery and mouth-watering scents. The restaurant is open all day and has a great selection of American food with a Japanese Twist.

I ordered the: Biscuit Benedict, Matcha Latte.

Dinner - New Day Vietnam

Address: Niederbarnimstraße 25, 10247 Berlin
Great for: a taste of luxury
Price: $$Amongst the uber cool bars of Berlin's punky Friedrichshain neighbourhood, you will find New Day Vietnam. The interior is quite modern with hints of tradition, but make sure you ask to be seated at the back as that is where the real magic is. You remove your shoes to step up  a level and be transported to Vietnam, with low tables and large cushions to sit on. The food is great and the experience makes it taste even better.

I ordered the: Mixed Starter Plate, Chicken Pho Bowl

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