Sourdough 101: How to make a Sourdough Starter

sourdough loaf

Sourdough is one of the oldest methods of bread production, dating back thousands of years. The starter is essentially a way of fermenting dough in order to create your own naturally occurring yeast and gut-friendly bread.

Sourdough starter takes a week to make, but don't let that put you off. It is  actually only a few minutes of 'work' per day and, with some maintenance, the result can last years.

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The 5 best restaurants in Kyiv

One of my favourite things about visiting Kyiv has got to be the food. It is a total foodie destination, with an increasing number of cool and highly instagrammable places to eat and drink. There is a great selection of places to eat to suit all budgets. The cost of living in Ukraine is relatively low compared to other European destinations, so it is a very affordable place to eat like a Queen/King. Here are my top 5 favourite restaurants to try on your trip.

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